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Effectiveness in the operating room is critical to patient healthcare. Efficiency in theatre management is crucial in controlling costs. In both cases, accurate, timely, and actionable information – business intelligence – is the key to success. That’s simply not available from the day-to-day transaction systems that are used for managing the regular business of operating theatres, nor from the spreadsheets created manually by most Trusts.


Redwing has developed a powerful Theatres business intelligence service that delivers Operating Room Intelligence.  Oriole was built in conjunction with the senior management and clinical staff of an NHS Foundation Trust.  It is thus firmly grounded on real-world requirements.  


Further, Oriole implements the calculations defined by the Audit Commission, and the precepts of the Productive Operating Theatre regarding knowing how you’re doing.


It delivers results directly to Theatre staff and other business users over the hospital’s internal network, taking data directly from an Operating Room Management Information System.


This is enormously valuable to Theatre Managers. Identifying how to shave minutes here and there can add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds over the course of a year. It is also enormously valuable to Clinical Directors, who need to understand the numbers around procedures and other surgical activities.  Oriole provides those analytics.


We deliver this service by taking the detailed data records of your day-to-day, and refining them. That process generates actionable information that can be used to understand what has happened, to increase efficiency, and improve the quality of patient care.


We do not seek sales; we are a services company.  Oriole is a cloud service; we charge customers a small fee on a per Theatre Case basis. That means Trusts do not pay for installation, machinery, systems software, staffing, ongoing maintenance, support, or even electricity or physical estate. Further, there's no capital budgeting or large lump sum expenditure, and no EU acquisition process.


When we implement Oriole for a Trust, we also provide training and support to managers and other staff. This is on how to enter data cleanly for best results; how to interpret and act on the information that comes out of Oriole to achieve improved performance; etc. We believe in providing a comprehensive service.  The framework is the Government G-Cloud 9.  We are Crown Commercial Suppliers.


You get the benefits, delivered direct to your browser on your screens.  Reporting is tailored to the audience e.g. Strategy Maps for Board and Executive, detailed parameter-driven reporting for the line manager; self-service for the power user.


There are several supporting documents, such as a Calculations Manual, a Reporting Manual, and so on. If you would like further information, please send an email, or just pick up the phone.  We are always happy to take your call!.  Please see the home page for contact information.