Raven Rapid Analysis of Events

Hospitals experience many events in the normal cause of operations.  These can range from Incidents which are classed as  SIRIs and SUIs –never events – all the way down to a minor complaints which must nonetheless be properly followed up.

Effective monitoring, management, and control of these events adds up to Integrated Governance, which is the umbrella covering both Patient Safety and Quality Care.

Redwing provides services to the National Health Service via our own computer systems, which we maintain and support.  Specifically, we provide NHS Hospital Trusts with the information needed to know how you're doing — which is the first step to improving productivity in general — and providing Quality Care and Integrated Governance in particular. 

Raven is our Event Analytics service, and it provides NHS Hospital Trusts and Directors responsible for Patient Safety, Quality Care and Integrated Governance with the tools they need . . . to analyse, understand, and take effective action on:

  • Incidents and Adverse Events  
  • Claims and Claims Management
  • Communications:  Compliments and Complaints

We take the detailed data records of your day-to-day activities, and refine them. That process generates actionable information that can be used to understand what has happened, to increase efficiency, and improve the quality of patient care.

We do not seek sales; we are a services company.  

Raven is to be hosted remotely from the hospitals, and we charge customers a small fee on a per incident basis. That means Trusts do not pay for installation, machinery, systems software, staffing, ongoing maintenance, support, or even electricity or physical estate. Further, there's no capital budgeting or large lump sum expenditure, and no EU acquisition process.

When we implement Raven for a Trust, we also provide training and support to managers and other staff. This is on how to enter data cleanly for best results; how to interpret and act on the information that comes out of Raven to achieve improved performance; etc. We believe in providing a comprehensive service.

You get the benefits, delivered direct to your browser on your screens.  Reporting is tailored to the audience e.g. Strategy Maps, Dashboards and Scorecards for Board and Executive, detailed parameter-driven reporting for the line manager; self-service for the power user.

Click here to download the one-page RAVEN Briefing Sheet