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Self-Service Business Intelligence 


Hospital Operating Theatre Performance


Our view is that if the developers have done their jobs right (they've used an iterative development methodology and they've been embedded with the business users) then 80% of business requirements should have been met with 'canned' reporting. The remaining 20% has to (and should) be met by self-service business intelligence. You always need both.

Please take a look this series of five videos we posted on YouTube.  They're how to do self-service business intelligence using Excel against an enterprise data warehouse SSAS hypercube. Each video is between 90 seconds and 2 minutes long.  We believe that 10 minutes should be enough to learn how to do self-service.


The videos relate to hospital operating theatre performance, but the principles apply generally, we think.  The specific service is ORIOLE - Operating Room Intelligence - and this is one of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings.  All of our SaaS offerings come with Self-Service.

By the way, these are our first efforts at producing training videos, and we would appreciate your feedback!  Do you think videos work in general? Do these videos work specifically?  Would your people actually do the self-service thing, or would they just do without?  Anyway, here are the videos and the links: